Stem van de Doelen

Stem van de Doelen is an 8-episode series for the Dutch broadcaster TV Rijnmond about concert hall de Doelen Rotterdam. 

Featuring: Martin van Waardenberg, Jacqueline Blom, Loes Schnepper, Shane Redondo. 

A mix of fiction and documentary film wherein we follow all the happenings around one concert. 

Through the adventures of 3 fictional employees of de Doelen (the replacer, the sound technician and the intern) we get an inside view in the world of music and programming. 

Direction: Sander Burger and Kuba Szutkowski
Co-direction: Janneke Geertsma

Script/ concept: Dragan Bakema, Sander Burger, Kuba Szutkowski
Camera: Ruben van de Broeke, Robijn Voshol, Armin van Asch

Sound: Diego van Uden, Jeroen Les
Music: Ronald Kool

Line producer: Marieke de Blaay


Executive producer: Kuba Szutkowski

Made possible thanks to:

TV Rijnmond

de Doelen

Dutch Culture Media Fund

produced by Popov Film

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